Plastic Words, Genuine Actions
Have you been allowed back in places yet?

"…Weeeeeeeell… I’ve managed to stop gettin’ banned from places, and I believe that is a good start, no? It was hard, but I figured out how to stop gettin’ kicked out o’ places. The secret is to not go to places at all. The Bamboo Forest is my favorite place, anyways."

"I’m technically allowed back in the Temple School, but I still get glared at by cowardly parents and Keine. So, much to the kid’s protestin’, I ain’t goin’ back there yet. Kagerou and I are still Most Wanted in Youkai Mountain, and what’s worst, we lost all the freakin’ geta, so we can’t even return them even if we wanted to… Ok, ok, that’s a lie, we didn’t lose them, we just kinda broke all of ‘em after we had a geta-throwin’ danmaku fight the other day. Utsuho is still in the Shame Cube with White Tux Dude, and everyone’s been informed to yell obsenities if they see me. The Higan being closed to me is nothin’ new, but now it’s, eh, double closed, basically, ‘cause Eiki is still salty about the whole Horace thing, I heard Maribel is still sleepin’ on a tent after the toaster incident, Reimu and Suika are still both pissed for their own reasons, and I haven’t even shown up by Eientei, ‘cause I am pretty sure they are still pissed at me over yonder by the eternity shack."

"Still, it’s a fine day, ain’t it! Here in the forest, completely by myself and with half of Gensokyo pissed off at me."

Mokou, how does one make friends?

"Eh? That’s a really easy question, you just make it a habit of breakin’ into their mansion in the forest and killin’ their princess daily for ‘round 300 years and… Not everyone is Hourai… Right, n-never mind…"


"G-get turned into a child by mysterious means so an ice fairy comes and plays with you…? Uh… B-be there for… Someone that has become a youkai-human hybrid in their time of need, maybe…?"

"…I-I think you oughta go ask that to someone who ain’t a friendless recluse, enigma, ‘cause aside from violence and chance encounters, I ain’t got a lick of a clue of how you even interact with other sentient beings in a way that doesn’t involve flossin’ with their spines."



[[Hey, ladies and gents, this blog will go under a mini-hiatus, as my right arm’s busted and /i cannot use it at all, thus, no writing.

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[[Hey, ladies and gents, this blog will go under a mini-hiatus, as my right arm’s busted and /i cannot use it at all, thus, no writing.

See you soon!]]

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Mokou meets HER TOUGHEST CHALLENGE YET. How does it go?


"Ghh…! No matter what I try, he won’t speak! We are runnin’ out of time…! I need to get him to tell me where is it! If we don’t find it in time, the consequences will be catastrophic!”


"Mokou, we really have to hurry, time’s almost up! Are you sure you can’t get it out of him somehow!?"


"Keine, I’ve tried my best torture techniques, and all I get are whimpers at best! This guy is the strongest-willed being I’ve ever met! I-I think I may have met my match… No… Maybe he was always out of my league, and it’s my duty as a warrior to recognize this as such. I can’t make him speak, I just can’t…!"


"Your… How is he so resilient!? Why won’t you say anything, after all this intensive torture and interrogation!? Don’t you know that an entire world is at stake!?"





"Everyone is warning me to be careful about this Immortal house wrecker

But how am I supposed to stop any of you

All I have is a fire extinguisher. “

Then the door opened, creaking ominously as the red, white, lithe and catastrophic silhouette of the embodiment of bedlam made her way in.

“‘Sup, Rinno.”

It wasn’t the pitter patter of footsteps that was heard, no, it was as if Mokou had forgotten to walk and instead stomped forward, making a beeline towards the gas tanks by their usual corner. It seems there was no escaping pandemonium as she grabbed one with naught an ounce of delicacy and—!

*chink chink chink*

A few coins were left on Rinnosuke’s counter.

"Maaa~n, today’s been a busy day, but I was in the area, so I thought I’d come here and restock on gas tanks for the ol’ grill, since I am runnin’ low, haha, you know I don’t like cookin’ with magic. Makes the meat taste all weird and leathery. Hmm, you look tense, though… Have you been eatin’ well? Welp, I’d stay and chat, but I gotta get goin’. Take care, now, Rinno."

And just like that, she was harmlessly gone. 


Well... why not go to old hell? Everything there is practically already on fire...

"…Weeeeeeeeeeeell…” Was there an end to this? “See, I did think of this, ‘cause a good friend of mine, Komeiji Satori, is the head honcho of a nice, big house down there, and she lives with her pets and her cabinet of fine liquors, so hell, I decided to pay Satori a visit. Everythin’ was going really nice and smooth until one of her pets came back from her work, and was like—”


"Yes, mama! I did a great job! My flame is the strongest ever, after all! Every day goes well!"

"…Second strongest flame, you mean?”

"Nu uh, I know what I said, outsider. The strongest.”

"Ahahaha! Your pet is so funny, Satori! Lend her to me for a bit, I wanna show her what real strength, acquired by own merit instead of cheap shortcuts, is all about~!”


"…So we went out for a little contest to see who was right and, uh, we broke Old Hell. I am not allowed in there anymore. I hear the bird is with the weird suit guy in the Shame Cube right now.”


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"If you run out of places to stay, there's always my apartment back in Kyoto!"


"Ah, Merryberry!" Mokou still couldn’t say her name properly with any semblance of consistency. English words were not a steadfast ally of Mokou’s. "Always good to— Y-you serious…?"

Hold the presses. The Outside World…? “In… Kyoto… You say…? That’s… Heh… You know, one shouldn’t deny oneself from new experiences, you know? I believe it is high time for me to go check out how the Outside World is doing! What could possibly go wro—


"Hello, world, Yamada here with breaking news about Kyoto! We have received info that two city blocks have burst in flames, and several dozen corpses have been found. The strangest part, however, is that they are all the same corpse. Our informant, Miss Hearn, says she has tried calling the Samurai FBI on her several times to stop her, but she keeps wiping out all teams somehow! We have some direct feed from the scene thanks to our intrepid cameramen covered in a makeshift suit made from decommissioned blast doors. Let’s go to the scene.”


"O-ok, don’t worry, Maribara, I really understood now! You put the bread in the slot, you lower this thing and— Bweh!" *ressurects* "T-this toaster thing is too dangerous, I give up! I don’t know how to use it! It has killed me more times than anythin’ ever has in the last few years!"