Plastic Words, Genuine Actions
To the Ends of Arcadia We Shall Return [Alternate]


—The girl with mystical eyes could not see her own limitations—

[[I should warn you, beyond this point… there might be some things that could disturb some of you. This WAS inspired by Drakengard after all.]]

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[[Today, I am host to the Horseman of Famine, apparently, because I’ve felt this unending hunger all day.

Be back in a while.]]

"Eh.. I'm kinda curious on how human meat tastes. Since I've never tried it. Does it actually taste good at all?"

"…Should you really be askin’ a human somethin’ like that?” — Former human, Mokou, former human — “I know this is Gensokyo and all, but do keep people’s sensibility’s in mind, please, because people that don’t usually end up with a fistful of purifyin’ seals down their throat.”

"Aside from combat-pronged bitin’ on enemies, that’s the one time I ate someone, and it was when I was feral and she was a Witch. Hell, I could be imaginin’ it, for all I know."

indigokitsune said: "As unsavory as it may sound, any child is easily the softest and most savory meat that humans have to offer, especially if it’s before puberty. However, I look down on consuming them as well. I simply know from… some former knowledge, I suppose."

"Well, I suppose I will take yer word for it, since I ain’t no expert in infant meats, let alone human ones. I have heard, however, that people that practice magic do have a different taste than non-practitioners, much like the meat of an ox that has exercised tastes different than the meat of one that has been lazy. Maybe that’s why she was delicious, accordin’ to these fuzzy memories of mine? Don’t answer that, actually, I am going to regret it deeply if you actually tell me all ‘bout a kid with great magical potential you once ate or somethin’".



"And with this, your actions have been disabled! I will take this cow back to the temple and I will study her thoroughly to understand how in the hell someone could wear a hat like that by their own choice"


"This is rude for several reasons, and just because the top of your head is as naked as your heart is hollow doesn’t mean you can just abduct me like this! Mokou, quit standing around and help me already!"








"Yeee~s? Now’s the part where you wildly threaten violence on my person if I don’t return your friend, right?"


"…Do a fellow EX a solid one and please investigate the matter thoroughly. I’ve known her for most of her life and I still don’t got a lick of a clue about this myself."



And everything was solved peacefully.

alright, what's your favorite meat?

"The flesh of the inno—"



The hakutaku’s stern hand always makes sure Mokou doesn’t say things that go beyond the threshold of “Oh my god, shut up, Mokou”.

"Hmph, fiiiiiiiiiine."

"That’s actually a mighty fine question, since I have tried a lot of meat! I think Witch is my favorite, but I could be wrong, since it might just be my nostalgia makin’ me wear rose-tinted glasses. It’s a pretty distant and fuzzy memory, as it happened durin’ the time I was, uh, insane and a murderous behemoth of a person, but I have some few memories."

"Ok, I guess I should give you some context. I hail from the Yamato Province from Japan, and I guess my by-then-feral instincts yearned home, I guess. But, on the way back to my clan lands, I found myself lost in a swamp. Tip: There’s no swamps in the Yamato Province. So, uh, my instincts go wild, kind of like a 7 year old gettin’ home and being told he can’t play his Seiga Dreamcast, and I started rampagin’ through the forest, like—"


"—‘Cause I really wanted to go home, see, but there was a swamp in the way. You too would get pretty pissed if you were going to your bus stop and, instead of your bus stop, you find a fortress defended by seven Super Minotaurs. You would get pissed, don’t even try to lie to me. Anyway, I was livid, so I power through the unnatural formation and, at the heart of the swamp, I find a witch. Mind you, one of our Asian witches, not the Western broom-and-dumbass-hat witch, no, a classy one. Anyway, so the witch sees me and say somethin’ like "Who dares—", but that’s all I heard, because I was, uh, feral, if you remember, so I sorta just rushed at her as if encased in Helios’ own sacred flame chariot, except with like 80 more horses. So we fight and, uh, she grabs me by the torso after duckin’ one of my frenzied swipes but then I react and just sort of chomp on her shoulder, and, whaddya know! She was god damn delicious! So, uh, I may have eaten her whole through the rest of the battle."

"So, yeah, though I did feel pretty bad about the whole cannibalism thing when I was no longer a walkin’ carnival of carnage, I think it’s safe to say Witch meat is my fa— Wait, no! It’s chicken! I love chicken meat, that’s why I started a yakitori stand, of all things! Yeah, yeah, sorry, I forgot, it was chicken."

[[I must take a sudden break, as I am besieged by a hunger uncommonly found in me, and must go satiate it via rabid eating. More words when I return]]

Prompt: Mokou in Sengoku Jidai. What clan, if any, did she fight for? What was the reason? Any fun war stories?

Those times, huh…?”

There was some evident reluctance on Mokou’s voice. “It was a time of a lot of fightin’, that’s for sure, and it allowed unhinged and irresponsible maniacs, like a younger me, to thrive quite well, which is the opposite of good news. Durin’ the start of it, I supported the Uesugi, in part because the Uesugi descended from the Fujiwara, in part because it gave me an excuse to rampage, and the battlefields were always well stocked with the lamb warriors prey on: Their fellow men and women. Though there is glory in combat, I would rather die one or six times before repeatin’ those times.”

"You could tell I was young simply by lookin’ at my still-black mane and my healthy thirst for combat. I never really fought as part of the Uesugi, as much as I rampaged the battlefields with the self-imposed challenge of not killin’ their footsoldiers. Havin’ at least one side not hate me guaranteed me freedom to just go to an Uesugi controlled area and rest there. I don’t frankly remember how many Takeda land-dwellin’ wives I must have left as widows, and I honestly don’t care to recount."

"Part of me wanted to justify that I was not doin’ somethin’ cruel, I guess, and I didn’t feel right killin’ the footsoldiers of a clan that descended from my own, but it was more an excuse than anythin’ deep. I heard rumors that they called me "Gunpowder" among the nearby camps, for my habit of usin’ my fire indiscriminately, and skillful use of gunpowder or saltpeter was the only good explanation they could come up to explain the fire… Not that they were wrong, since I did use gunpowder pretty creatively, if I do say so myself, to develop new fire spells or just to cause general mayhem."

"I… Don’t really feel like going down the rabbit hole, sorry. I do have a fun story, though: The time Akechi asked me to help him with Honno-ji. Historians can get pretty creative or just flat out make up stuff when they retell things they don’t know everythin’ about, but let me tell you: That’s one of my best works, and I hold pride in it."

"Say, Mokou, I couldn't help overhearing with one of my powerful Kapstapo microphones you mentioning flossing with Kaguya's spine. This makes me wonder: when you immortals rip each other to pieces, what happens to the pieces when the whole regenerates? Do they decompose or disintegrate when separated? Do they drag themselves back into position? Or is the bamboo forest littered with Hourai body parts? I ask because Moon princess spine floss sounds like a potential moneymaker."


"I admire your enthusiasm but I question the moral ground of your inventions."


"So! I am afraid I will have to disappoint you, but you can’t actually harvest infinite kidneys and lungs from a Hourai’s body, so better stop havin’ those wet dreams ‘bout raking in some cash in the organ’s black market, hah! Now, allow me to demonstrate."

With a sunshine smile, a jolly stride and the sounds of muscle and tissue being ripped apart, Mokou removed her own left arm and handed it to Nitori before walking away some steps. “Hold that tight, please. Now, when a part of my body is severed, and it should start any se—”

Rudely interrupting Mokou, Mokou’s arm in Nitori’s hands began thrashing violently with considerable strength. “Ah, there it is! It will attempt to rejoin me. It can put up quite a fight, but I have no direct control over that. That’s the Elixir struggling in your arms right now.”

As if its string had been cut, however, the arm fell silent and still once anew. “If it fails to come back to me, however, it cease its dumb thrashin’ and instead…”

And just like that, the arm dissolved into silk-like sand, slipping through Nitori’s fingers as it slowly disappeared entirely. “…Just disappears. That’s also why I am a terrible source of nourishment for Youkai. A wise guy once though that I meant infinite food, but then he realized that eatin’ me over and over didn’t actually provide any sustenance. A few years later, I killed him! I love that story”


"So, yeah, better stick to other plans of questionable dental hygiene. Moon princess spine floss would be a very temporary product that would end up getting you lynched faster than your client’s could say "buyer’s remorse". A bad idea in general." 

Mokou is a cool EX boss, but what if PHANTASM MOKOU?

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